Marion 5760 The Mountaineer

This model is featured on my Flickr! photo streamThis model is featured on my Flickr! photo stream

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9V functions:

  • Crawlers driven by four motors
  • Independent steering of the front and rear crawlers
  • Swing drive using four motors
  • Hoist winch using four motors
  • Crowd mechanism using two motors
  • Bottom dump bucket using a micromotor
  • Elevator for the crew driven by a micromotor
4.5V functions:
  • Machinery house lighting
  • Revolving motor generator sets
Additional functions:
  • Openable sliding doors
  • Three service cranes

Crawlers - Turntable - Machinery House - Gantry - Boom - Bucket - Hoist Mechanism - Crowd Mechanism - Elevator - Details - Crew - Decals
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If you take the number of parts that went into a model, this is my largest one so far. A large model requires a detailed description. Therefore I divided this page into several sections.
First there are some images that show the finished piece - they can be found below.
Then there are twelve sections with pictures of different functions and features of my model. Choose one of the links from the list or click on the corresponding area on the image above.
Finally I have written a four-part text that tells the story from the beginning to the finished model and describes its construction.

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